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“Lyndsay has provided us with a professional and kind service. Our publication is greatly enhanced by her work on the index. We at Viva could not recommend her to you more!” Lucy Hefford, co-editor of Understanding God’s Heart for Children: Voices from the Majority World (Langham Partnership, release date April 2022).

“Many thanks for your truly excellent index. To the book as a whole, it adds dimensions of accessibility that I would not have thought possible.” Sanford Budick, author of Hazarding All: Shakespeare and the Drama of Consciousness (Edinburgh University Press, 2021).

“This is an excellent and thorough index which covers the themes of the book well.  It was difficult to find fault with the index.” SI Training Course Assessor.

“The wording of entries was excellent.” SI Training Course Assessor

“Accuracy outstanding in relation to spelling, punctuation and locators.” SI Training Course Assessor